How to choose: Gaming Laptop vs Desktop PC ?


Both laptops and desktops are filled with endless advantages and disadvantages, here, we have selected three major factors that can help you in forming your decision to purchase any particular device.


Budget must be an important element of your purchasing list, as eventually, it is going to decide what you will have in hand at the end. The normal range for both laptops and desktops begins from Rs. 30,000 and can go to 300,000. But if you’re on a tight budget, Laptops are typically the cheaper option. Laptops do not need any additional supporting devices as in the case with desktop computers and powerful gaming laptops out there offer the best of both worlds for those who need power and portability

Purpose of purchase

Before investing in any system your requirements must be crystal clear that why do you need a gaming laptop or desktop? For which purpose are you purchasing it? After this, you will get your different reasons to purchase which will make your decision easier. If you need a new system for your regular work then going for a desktop PC will be of no use. It is pronounced that desktops have much larger storage capacity and strong processors, while gaming laptops are giving tough competition.

Performance and portability

When it comes to performance and portability both laptops and desktops have their reasons to shine. Performance-wise desktops can be preferred over laptops, and the reason is pretty simple desktops have giant cooling fans which can help in faster heat dissipation rate.

Ultimately, instant cooling will lead to stronger performance in desktops. On the other hand, The, notable strength of the laptop is its portability. So, If you are a traveler or stay away from home most of the time then this flexibility can be beneficial, with the right laptop you will have the availability of doing most of your work. You can take it anywhere around the world.

As we saw above, the desktop can have better options than laptops. However, a laptop can prove efficient and powerful if you are working for everyday work and even for gaming it can be taken into consideration

We’ve brought three major concerns to the table. You can access your needs and requirements and can select the device that serves you best. Geonix offers a highly durable and quality range of computer hardware and laptops at a competitive price.

If you learn more about industry tips and tricks, stay tuned with us! Till then, happy learning.